Runalicious Brain Trust


Runalicious is seeking to become even more customer centred by augmenting an external group into runalicious.


with this in mind we are currently creating a “Runalicious Brain Trust”. (RBT) Initially a small select group of 4 to 6 people. 


Brain trust began as a term for a group of close advisers to a political candidate or incumbent, prized for their expertise in particular fields. The term is most associated with the group of advisers to Franklin Roosevelt during his presidential administration. More recently the use of the term has expanded to encompass any group of advisers to a decision maker, whether or not in politics.”


The Runalicious Brain Trust:  A small intelligent group of women runners.


What we will be looking for this group to achieve is this:  A group we can call on to run ideas past, for feed back, for your ideas. Knowledge, etc. You see whilst we as humans think we know it all, it comes as quite a shock to learn, that in fact, we don’t. lol  


So Runalicious are reaching out.  We obviously want to produce products our customers will want need and desire. What we think the customer wants and what they actually want may be poles apart. We are looking for this group to help us bring those two visions nearer to being in tune.


The criteria for this Runalicious brain trust is:


Must be female:  98% of our targeted customers are women. 

Must be a runner: As our apparel is aimed at runners, this is a necessity, We are needing those that run. Not those that talk about running. 

Must love runalicious: Must already love our brand. Already own runalicious merchandise.

Must have a drive to make things succeed: Must see things through to the end. Very much like running. :)

Must have a sense of humour. (you don have to be mad to work with us but it sure helps) :)

Other qualities, like marketing,  etc would be nice,  Basically if we all come up with ideas, not all of them will be golden. But we only need the odd nugget. :) If you have any particular skills you feel would be of benefit to Runalicious. Please let us know. We would love to have the opportunity of including you into our very select group.


We would obviously need a non disclosure form signed. We don’t want to be discussing something and it ends up else where. :)


Ok thats what we are looking for… Do you fit the profile?


What are we offering in return?… Ahhh Great question. :)


We are offering in return a flat $30% off of everything on our website for the entire time your participating in the Runalicious Brain Trust.  So a $20.00 Tee would be only $14.00 :) a $100.00 order would be only $70.00. Thats not a one off, oh no! - thats for the entire time your contributing to the RBT. This heavy discount will only ever be offered to the RBT. 


So would you like to be considered?  email us at